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Have you guys ever thought about spending some qualitiy time on vacation, doing your favorite sport, enjoying food, water, sights and the beautiful culture of Tahiti and doing all of this at the same time ? Then our Va’a Camp Program might be what you've been waiting for.

This program is a full 7-day all inclusive Paddling seminar for Level 1 and level 2 camps and a full 14-day all inclusive Paddling seminar for Level 3 and level 4 trainees.

Our camps always include the following services:
- coaching
- cultural activities
- stay (accommodation and catering)
- transportation
- racing
- graduation
(no flight tickets)

Paddlers can choose to stay in a resort, a guesthouse or a dorm but we need a minimum of 12 paddlers (48 max) to implement such a program.

Tahiti Va'a Inc do provide authentic high quality V1, V3 and V6 paddling camps for individuals, teammates, multiple paddling crews and even for international coaches (clubs or national teams).

In order to produce the best performances, we do provide our trainees with only the best equipments from Tahiti: 
- fiberglass Are Tahiti V6 Matahina's
- fiberglass Tehuritaua V3's
- carbon fiber Are Tahiti V1's
- wooden/hybrid/carbon Tahitian Outrigger Addict (TOA) Blades


All our camps are hosted in the town of Arue over the most famous paddling course area - even the best one for some local paddlers - of Tahiti.

What's holding you back ? 

Put together your team and plan your next trip to French Polynesia by leaving your information or by contacting us directly to get more details about the program.


Level 1 :

LEVEL 1 is focused on basic General Va'a & Physical skills for international paddlers.
 Validation Races:
- La Coupe Environnement - 23K (V6 Camp April 22-29, 2023)
- Le trophée de l'Amiral - 23K (V6 Camp May 27 - June 3, 2023)
- Heiva Va'a mata'einaa - 3.7K (V1 or V6 Camp June 24 - July 1, 2023)
- Air Tahiti V1 Race - 18K (V1 Camp September 2-9, 2023)
- Air Tahiti V6 Race - 23K (V6 Camp September 30 - October 7, 2023)
- Mémorial Serge Hoatua - 21K (V1 Camp November 11-18, 2023)

Level 2 :

LEVEL 2 is for paddlers who have sucessfuly completed the Level 1 class.
It is focused on Intermediate Tahitian Va'a skills for international paddlers.

Validation Races:
- La Polynésie 1ère - 46K (V6 Camp March 11-18, 2023)
- Te Aito - 28K (V1 Camp June 4-11, 2023)
- Arenui TNTV - 33K (V6 camp September 23-30, 2023)

Level 3 :

LEVEL 3 is for paddlers who have sucessfuly completed the Level 2 class.
It is focused on Advanced Tahitian Va'a skills for international paddlers.

Validation Races: (undergo a 6-month prior program)
- Vodafone Channel Race - 85K (V6 Camp June 10-17, 2023)
- Heiva Va'a Marathon "Faati Moorea" - 96K (V6 Camp July 1-8, 2023)
- H2B Downwind Race - 95K (V6 Camp July 29 - August 5, 2023)
- Hawaiki Nui Va'a Solo - 91K (V1 Camp September 16-23, 2023)

Level 4 :

LEVEL 4 is for paddlers who have sucessfuly completed the Level 3 class.
It is focused on Elite Tahitian Va'a skills for international paddlers.

Validation Races: (undergo a 12-month prior program)
- Hawaiki Nui Va'a Race - 128K (V6 Camp October 28 - November 4, 2023)

Our previous camps


After your morning practice and lunch, you will have some time to rest, before enjoying the afternoon activities. 

We offer various cultural activities and guided tours that we organize for you, or that you can choose "à la carte".


A local bus, the truck, will pick you up at your stay and bring you to the various activities.

You can choose from various cultural and fun activities such as weaving, Tahitian dance class, local cuisine cooking class, drumming, pareo tying, yoga class, visit of the cultural sites, visit of the city and the local market, island tour...

We love to share our culture with our students !


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PK 6,500 côté montagne, route Teroma, Faa'a
BP 62785 - 98704 Faa'a Centre


(UTC - 10:00)

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